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A rambly update on MollyAlice :)

After what feels like a long time in the making, I’m really proud to be producing a collection of clothing for MollyAlice! 

As many of you know I worked freelance for around 2 years, working on other brands' collections, pattern cutting, sampling and making, but I’d never created clothing under my brand. I always wanted to wait until I felt a real spark of an idea and that just didn’t come for a while. 

Last year I created some pieces for a community catwalk for fun, it was very last minutey as these things tend to be (if you know, you know), but I was thrilled to see how much people loved the products I created. After a little flurry of interest in the Daisy jumpsuit, which I created with zero planning, I felt an important lesson was learnt in not overthinking and just giving things a go… that said, launching a product with a month turnaround was without its stresses.

After this ‘experience’ (ha), I took to building up some ideas and a more structured plan around a collection of clothing which is practical and also fun. Easy and breezy but also playful and brought in the colourful identity I’d already built up with the existing accessories and Saskia’s beautiful designs. 

At the end of last year, I decided to make a big move away to live with my boyfriend and to begin a fresh start in an exciting full-time product development role. I had incredible experiences running my own business, with a full spectrum of highs and lows which all self-employed people can relate to, but all good things must come to an end and the timing felt right to try something new. Once settled into my new home and job, I finally had time to bring some of my ideas to life for MollyAlice. It was a joy to find some creativity, probably born from the experiences of a new lifestyle and area. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is a slow fashion collection, or 365 days I should say… before I knew it a year had passed from the og jumpsuit launch but here we finally are!

Sooo thankful to Brooke, Laura, Saskia and my boyfriend James for all their help and patience, couldn’t have done it without them!! 

I hope this slightly rambly, chaotic post offers some behind-the-scenes insight for those of you who have been following for a while and a somewhat apt introduction for anyone new. 

Hoping to do a bit more long-form written content, as I miss this from university so much!

Always happy to hear any thoughts and feedback. And thank you for all the ongoing support.  

Best wishes 

Molly xx

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