About MollyAlice 


Slow fashion for people who want stand out from the crowd



Designed, pattern cut and handmade by Molly, the MollyAlice slow stand out accessories are guaranteed to bring you a dopamine boost.

Starting a business in a pandemic came with its struggles, especially in a small seaside town, but building an online following and loyal customers allowed for people all over the world to see the MollyAlice products being created. You can find Molly sewing in her beautiful studio in a small village in Dorset or sneaking to the beach which is only 5 minutes away.

Working as a dream team, print designer Saskia has worked with Molly to create some beautiful signature MollyAlice prints.

As a designer, Molly believes it is of the utmost importance to run her brand using sustainable methods and she opens a dialogue with her customers about ethical practices via social media. All printed fabrics are organic cotton and many of the MollyAlice products are made of a combination of recycled/upcycled and carefully selected fabrics. All the products are created in Molly’s studio Up_Keep studio in Dorset, to read more about this please see the website link below.


It is so uplifting to see your MollyAlice products being used in the wild. If you happen to snap a photo featuring a MollyAlice product, please do tag us ☺ 


Simply Sewing magazine 2021

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About Molly 

Molly is a Dorset gal who enjoys walking on the beach, gluten free chips, tequila, and white wine (not together) and hunting for the best memes. She runs two businesses from the studio she manages and loves collaborating/working with other creatives. She has lots of big plans, some more realistic than others, if you would like to see the journey as her businesses grow then make sure to give her a follow on the socials.

Print Design by Saskia 

Saskia Karin is a printed textiles designer based on the Isle of Wight. Saskia’s work has a sustainable outlook; inspired by the beautiful natural costal environments around her. Abstracting the everyday into bright, colourful and fun prints, designed to brighten up your day.